Automated Tenant Screening

Product Overview

LetFaster is a secure portal that strengthens internal controls and mitigates fraud risk.

Employment Verification

Verify the tenant’s permanent or contract position. The self-employed provide recent accounts. Self-supporting tenants demonstrate savings.

Income/Savings Verification

Ensure the tenant has the ability to cover rent. The portal automatically calculates that income/savings exceed rent by a factor of X. You may adjust X.

Integrated ID Verification – AML Compliant

Identity proofing through biometric facial recognition and thorough verification of official documents: MRZ Check, Pattern Recognition, VIZ to MRZ Check, Validity Check and Face Match. If an ID is stolen the verified credit/criminal checks and work history may belong to another person!

Global Credit Checks

Each report is fully compliant with local standards. Standard/Advanced credit reports include checks for CCJs, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Disqualified/Restricted Persons and Directorships and may be customised further.

Right To Rent Check

Our Biometric ID and Official Document Verification product also verifies Right to Rent.

Proof of Address

The portal automatically compares current address to that provided by credit reports to help spot identity fraud.

Landlord & Guarantor References

Current landlords provide insight into whether the property has been cared for with all payments made in full and on time.

When a guarantor is required, the system automatically obtains confirmation and proof of income/savings.

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