HireFaster Security Measures

Identity and Access

Systems are only as secure as their weakest link. Key-based 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is more secure, as credentials are neither transmitted nor stored on a server. When a user registers a PIN is entered inside the app - even a "key logger" could not record it.

What Is 2-Factor Authentication? (2FA)

■  The first factor is "possession" of a
    device: a smart phone, ipad, desktop
    or laptop
■  The second factor is "knowledge":
     PIN, Passcode or Biometric ID
■  It ressembles an ATM card with a PIN
■  Access is only granted if both
    factors are present
■  Even if a device is stolen the PIN is
    unknown and would fail after a few
    incorrect attempts

Layers of Security

HireFaster uses next generation authentication for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and mobile. Data is protected with advanced, state of the art encryption, such as TEE, 2048 bit encryption, ECC keys and many more. There are also several layers of protection at the application level.

Device Lost or Stolen?

Device-specific key pairs (for smart phones, ipads, laptops and desktops) can automatically be disabled remotely. An easy but secure restoration process is used to protect your identity.

Simple Yet Effective

Easy installation: no need for hardware, infrastructure, tokens or passwords.

Push notifications are used with each login, providing quick and easy authentication across devices: mobile, laptop or desktop.

Cyber Risks & Controls

We applied a SecDevOps approach to integrate numerous layers of Cyber Protection at the Application Level, to prevent Injection, XSS, XXE etc. The Portal also incorporates Identity Management and Governance; Logging, Monitoring and Access Controls; and encryption of all data at rest, in use and in transit. A firewall provides malware, anti-virus and breach protection at the network level.

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