Automated Pre-Employment Screening

Product Overview

HireFaster is a secure portal that strengthens internal controls and mitigates fraud risk.

Employment Verification

5-years real-time employment verification and references: optional graded and text feedback.

Professional References

A call to a previous line manager may be useful when institutions prohibit positive or negative feedback in writing.

Integrated ID Verification – AML Compliant

Identity proofing through biometric facial recognition and thorough verification of official documents: MRZ Check, Pattern Recognition, VIZ to MRZ Check, Validity Check and Face Match. If an ID is stolen the verified credit/criminal checks and work history may belong to another person!

Global Credit Checks

Each report is fully compliant with local standards. Standard/Advanced credit reports include checks for CCJs, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Disqualified/Restricted Persons and Directorships and may be customised further.

Global Criminal Checks

Reports are subject to local compliance requirements and data availability, but typically include: County, State, National/Federal searches, as well as unspent convictions and cautions. Basic, Standard and Enhanced Checks may be requested.

Academic Qualification Checks

Ensure the candidate holds the qualifications stated on their application. A significant proportion of candidates exaggerate qualifications. Business risk and replacement hiring costs mean this should not be overlooked.

Professional Licence, Certification and Membership Checks

Active licences are a pre-requisite in several professions. Ensure the licence is active with no warnings or restrictions (subject to this information being available).

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