Global Background Checks:

Automated Pre-Employment & Tenant Screening

Automated Screening

HireFaster is a secure, compliant, cloud-based, pre-employment screening solution, with global coverage in 52 languages. It is the first platform to provide 5-years real-time employment verification, automated biometric ID and official document verification. LetFaster provides automated Tenant Screening.

Pre-Employment Screening

    ✔ 5yrs Real-Time Work Verification
    ✔ Professional Reference Checks
    ✔ Automated Biometric ID Verification
    ✔ Global Credit Checks
    ✔ Global Criminal Background Checks
    ✔ Academic Qualification Verification
    ✔ Licence & Certification Verification

Tenant Screening

    ✔ Real-Time Work Verification
    ✔ Current Landlord Reference Checks
    ✔ Automated Biometric ID Verification
    ✔ Global Credit Checks
    ✔ Income Verification
    ✔ Automated Suitability Assessment
    ✔ Guarantor Reference Checks

Portal: Flexibility & Business Intelligence

Each client has their own portal, which replicates internal structures, provides strict access controls, permissions and full control over which data is accessed and by whom. All identifying data is encrypted. Management Reports provide business intelligence and can be split by Sector, Vertical, Region, Office, Team or End Client and combined with the Audit Trail flag potential fraud risks.


    ✔ More stringent data handling than GDPR requirements
    ✔ Each user has instant access to view/edit/update their own data
    ✔ No checks are performed, nor is any data shared, without the     user's consent

Internal Controls

    ✔ Strict access controls, permissions and governance
    ✔ The system blocks personal e-mails as referee and flags any     Company Name that differs from its domain
    ✔ Mitigate Fraud Risk: The portal automatically monitors and flags     suspicious activity
    ✔ A Kill Switch instantly freezes system access, providing time to     assess rogue employees

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